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With over a 100 different hot sauces from around the world we can call ourselves the number 1 in hot sauce of Europe. We have all types of hot sauce: from mild to extremely spicy,  from sweet to umami. Besides hot sauce you will also find dried peppers & seasoning, snacks and even a hot sauce subscription box. Do you have a question, just send as a DM on Facebook or Instagram of send us an email to mail@heatsupply.nl

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Hot Sauce Recipes

  • May242020
    image of a spicy grilled cheese sandwich

    Spicy Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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    In The Netherlands we love our grilled cheese sandwiches, but we are pretty sure almost everyone around the world loves…

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  • May182020
    image of a spicy fish curry with hot sauce

    Spicy Fish Curry with Cod and hot sauce

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    For number 11 of our Hot Sauce Recipe series we are going to work with fish for the first time.…

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  • May102020
    image of homemade spicy popcorn

    Spicy Chipotle Popcorn: the Ultimate Movie Night snack

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    For our 10th hot sauce recipe we thought it was time for the ultimate movie night snack: popcorn. Of course…

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  • May032020
    Image of a Shakshuka egg dish

    Spicy Shakshuka with Habanero & Coffee hot sauce

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    Hot sauce & eggs. For us it truely is a golden combination. Whether you cook, stirk or bake the egg,…

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  • Apr262020
    image of homemade chicken nuggets

    Homemade Fiery Chicken Nuggets

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    Do you always get your chicken nuggets from the big fast food chains? Unnecessary, because you can easily make them…

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